February, 2017

Take 1

02.15.2017  |  Comments Off on Take 1

Students in the Afterschool Educational Enhancement Introduction to Acting class practiced their parts in a story about a worm. Mrs. Brunkow demonstrated to the actors the importance of projecting more …

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CSW Thank You

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on CSW Thank You

Over the past few weeks, the students of St. Mary’s have gathered in the Junior High language arts classroom to draft thank you letters for the teachers …

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Spotlighting Preschool

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Spotlighting Preschool

What we are learning: Religion – following directions and being nice like Jesus Language Arts – sounds of letters, learning words, days of the week, months of …

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All County Mass

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on All County Mass

To kick off Catholic Schools Week, Elyria Catholic High School hosted an All County Mass. All of the sixth through eighth grade students in the Catholic elementary …

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AEEP Electricity

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on AEEP Electricity

Students enjoyed learning about electricity. They put together a circuit with a switch to turn on a small light bulb with the help of Ms. Hennessy from …

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02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Congrats!

Congratulations goes to the 5th grade girls basketball team for winning their first game of the season last weekend! Keep it up, girls!  

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02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Good-bye…

One of our first grade students is moving to southern Ohio. The first graders and their parents put together a shadow box with pictures of their time …

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Cross-Shaped School

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Cross-Shaped School

The students gathered together in the church to take a picture of the student body in the form of a cross.

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Snowman Poetry

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Snowman Poetry

The first graders created poems that used words to describe their qualities. Each of the qualities began with the letters in SNOWMAN.

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Free Time

02.01.2017  |  Comments Off on Free Time

The third grade is having a little break and snack from their studies. They are enjoying some free time with their friends.

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