February, 2018


SMS Reverse Raffle

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on SMS Reverse Raffle

The 2nd Annual Reverse Raffle benefitting SMS will be held on March 10, 2018, from 5:30 PM-10:30 PM. Last year’s Reverse Raffle was a great success for …

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Valentine’s Day Fun

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on Valentine’s Day Fun

Thank you, Room Parents!

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STREAM Afternoon

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on STREAM Afternoon

Friday afternoon the students were grouped with their grade bands and worked on various STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) projects. Sixth through eighth graders worked …

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Start with Hello

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on Start with Hello

On Tuesday, Brigid with the Start with Hello Program spoke with the fifth through eighth graders about inclusion in their community.Tt starts with a simple hello. She spoke …

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Two Furry Friends

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on Two Furry Friends

SMS had two furry friends hanging around on Friday! One was a raccoon curled up in a ball sleeping on a Guardian Angel window ledge. The other …

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CSW Bingo Fun

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on CSW Bingo Fun

To end Catholic Schools Week the students played Bingo with their Faith Families.

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CSW Celebrating Our Nation

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on CSW Celebrating Our Nation

On Thursday, to celebrate our nation Mr. Caithaml, a parishioner and aBoy Scout Leader, spoke to the students about flag etiquette. He showed the students how to correctly fold …

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CSW Celebrating Vocations

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on CSW Celebrating Vocations

On Wednesday, the school celebrated vocations by having Father Charlie and Sister Mary Dorothy talk with the students about their vocations. They spoke about how and why …

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CSW Celebrating Community

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on CSW Celebrating Community

On Monday, the school started to collect items for The Blessing House. By the end of the week the baskets were overflowing from the many generous donations. …

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CSW Prayer Service

02.16.2018  |  Comments Off on CSW Prayer Service

On January 29, the students participated in a Prayer Service to jump start Catholic Schools Week. Each grade brought symbols to the altar that represented their specific …

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