April, 2018

Spanish Field Trip

04.27.2018  |  Comments Off on Spanish Field Trip

The 6th graders went to El Patron for lunch on Friday. They had to order their lunch in Spanish to practice their communication skills. They enjoyed their …

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Hatching Chicks

04.27.2018  |  Comments Off on Hatching Chicks

The 3rd-8th grade enrichment students placed their eggs in the Incubator this week. The students will be learning about the life cycle of a chicken and will …

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Bracelet Making

04.27.2018  |  Comments Off on Bracelet Making

Various students from grades 3-6 are staying after school a few days to make bracelets for Mother’s Day and for fundraising. During the second day they already …

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Peter Pan

04.27.2018  |  Comments Off on Peter Pan

North Pointe Ballet performed an interactive version of Peter Pan for our students in preschool through 4th grade. They were excited to be various parts of the …

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Escape Rooms

04.20.2018  |  Comments Off on Escape Rooms

On Saturday May 12 from 6:00-8:30 PM the St. Mary National Junior Honor Society is sponsoring a fundraiser for “Kisses from Heaven”, a nonprofit organization that emotionally …

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X-STREAM Games & Expo

04.20.2018  |  Comments Off on X-STREAM Games & Expo

On Saturday, April 14 the Cleveland Diocese hosted its 1st Annual X-STREAM Games and Expo at Magnificat High School. Many students were sent to represent St. Mary, …

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Honorable Mention Award

04.18.2018  |  Comments Off on Honorable Mention Award

Congratulations! Eighth grader David Gabel won Honorable Mention in the Art Division of the LifeWorks Ohio Respect Life Art, Essay, & Poetry Contest.

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Science Projects

04.18.2018  |  Comments Off on Science Projects

Fifth grade students explored the planets. They had to design an alien that lived on a planet.   Sixth grade the students learned about animal classification. They …

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Jr. High Zip Line Activity

04.11.2018  |  Comments Off on Jr. High Zip Line Activity

The junior high were given a task of creating a device that would hold a ping pong ball that also has to travel down a zip line …

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Afterschool Acting Class

04.11.2018  |  Comments Off on Afterschool Acting Class

The Afterschool Acting Class performed Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny for the school. The play was based on Little Red Riding Hood but had a comic flair. …

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