May, 2018

New Arrivals

05.21.2018  |  Comments Off on New Arrivals

The chicks hatched this week just in time for the Arts & Science Festival. The students continuously peeked their heads in throughout the week to see the …

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Escape Rooms

05.21.2018  |  Comments Off on Escape Rooms

Everyone who visited the Escape Rooms hosted by the National Junior Honor Society had a great time finding the clues and figuring out the puzzles. NJHS raised …

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Art Show

05.21.2018  |  Comments Off on Art Show

Two sixth graders received Excellence Awards in the Lorain Schools Elementary and Middle School Art Show on display at the Elyria Library. One seventh grader received Best …

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It’s a Slimy Job, but Someone’s Got to Do It

05.16.2018  |  Comments Off on It’s a Slimy Job, but Someone’s Got to Do It

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are making slime to sell at the Arts & Science Festival to raise money for The Blessing House. The students are learning …

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Scrapbooking Class

05.16.2018  |  Comments Off on Scrapbooking Class

As part of the Afterschool Educational Enhancement Program, Mrs. Faris taught a few students how to display their memories by scrapbooking. The students brought in pictures of …

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Thank You

05.16.2018  |  Comments Off on Thank You

Thank you parents for the wonderful lunch you provided to the teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. The food was very delicious! We appreciate all of …

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May Crowning

05.08.2018  |  Comments Off on May Crowning

After Mass Friday, we celebrated May as the month of Mary by crowning her with flowers. The second graders dressed in their First Communion attire placed flowers …

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Getting Ready

05.08.2018  |  Comments Off on Getting Ready

The Faith Families are getting ready for STREAM Day on May 29. Each Family is designing a boat to sail in the SMS Regatta.

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Heads Up!

05.08.2018  |  Comments Off on Heads Up!

What a great way to study our spelling and vocabulary words, Mrs. Faris! We had a great time (and learned at the same time).

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3D Art

05.08.2018  |  Comments Off on 3D Art

Students participated in an Afterschool Educational Enhancement Program where they learned how to put together 3D art. Mrs. Karen Manning taught them this intriguing type of art …

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