Letter from Fr. Charlie

Welcome to St. Mary Catholic School! We are proud of our long tradition of serving the Elyria area for over 150 years. I went to school here. My father went to school here. We are beginning another generation with my grandniece in the kindergarten. In an amoral society, the operative ethic is self-preservation the only goal of which is for the self to get ahead with no concern for the rest of humanity. Unfortunately, this monopoly game turns us into a dog-eat-dog world with little respect for life and growing violence in our cities. The Christian ethic teaches us that our true benefit comes in looking to the other first. When everybody does this, we begin to experience on earth the love and peace of God’s kingdom.

I believe in our present day culture, Catholic education is more important than ever. We live in a society that does not support our Christian ethic. In fact, it is becoming more and more inimical to it. It is for this reason that we must insure that our children grow strong in an environment that reinforces our Christian belief. It is an investment that we cannot afford not to make.

Education is no longer the mere communication of information; our smartphones can do that. Rather it is forming the character of the whole person in the way they think and what they cherish. We must create an atmosphere where they are nurtured and grow strong in virtues and values that will serve them throughout their life. I believe St. Mary School is an ideal place for our children to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We are proud of our students and invite you to join with them in building a strong foundation for their future.


Fr. Charlie