Sharon Urig – Principal


St. Mary School is a great place to learn and work! The children are courteous, cooperative, and active learners. The staff is welcoming and professional.

Sr. Mary Dorothy – Parish Catechetical Leader


SMS is a loving, close group that feels like family. The students are excited to learn, and the parents and staff give me great support.

Sandra Babb – Preschool Teacher

Subject(s): Preschool Curriculum

I enjoy being able to talk about God at any time and the family atmosphere here.

Nancy Knuff – Kindergarten Teacher and Assistant Principal

Subject(s): Kindergarten Curriculum


The atmosphere around the campus is family-like. St. Mary is Christ-centered with a lot of parent support.

Peggy Quinn – First Grade Teacher

Subject(s): First Grade Curriculum

We offer quality education. Our students are kind and loving, and parents are supportive. The staff members are caring and giving.

Stephanie St. Marie – Second Grade Teacher

Subject(s): Second Grade Curriculum

The history, strong faith, and people of St. Mary make it a great place to work. I have the pleasure of working with students and families who truly care about the quality of education they receive. St. Mary is family, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Laura Chaves – Third Grade Teacher

Subject(s): Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, English and Writing

St. Mary School is a warm, loving, family-oriented place to teach.

Natalie Kelley – Fourth Grade Teacher

Subject(s): Religion, Math, Social Studies Gr. 4 & 5, English, Reading, Spelling

I absolutely enjoy the Catholic atmosphere and structure that make up the St. Mary community. The parents are involved and supportive, which are keys to the students’ success.

Natalie Popelka – Fifth Grade Teacher

Subject(s): Religion, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science Gr. 4 & 5, Health Gr. 4 & 5

I appreciate how eager the students are to learn and their willingness to try new things.

Michele Hunt – Sixth Grade Teacher

Subject(s): Religion Gr. 6-8, Social Studies/History Gr. 6-8, Health Gr. 6

The feeling of a family is what I appreciate most about teaching at SMS.

Kerry Faris – Seventh Grade Teacher


Subject(s): English Gr. 6-8, Literature Gr. 6-8, Health Gr. 7


Laura Krese – Eighth Grade Teacher and Enrichment
Subject(s): Science Gr. 6-8, Math Gr. 7 & 8, Health Gr. 8, Enrichment Gr. 3-8

Wherever you go, always leave a footprint!

Angie Pluta – Director of Development, Junior High Math Teacher and Technology Coordinator

Subject(s): Math Gr. 6-8 and Technology Gr. PS-8

Teaching at SMS feels like being with family.

Jill Breton – Spanish Teacher

Subject(s): Spanish Gr. K-8

I love sharing my enthusiasm for Spanish with the students and watching them grow in their Spanish language abilities.

Ann McDonald – Music Teacher

Subject(s): Music Gr. PS-8, Lunch Choir


The best part of SMS is the support received by fellow faculty members and parents.

Cynthia Bredel – Physical Education Teacher

Subject(s): Physical Education Gr. PS-8

St. Mary School is a wonderful place to teach. I enjoy challenging the students to improve their physical fitness and self-discipline.

Susan Obral – Art Teacher

Subject(s): Art Gr. PS-8

I love the students, who are so eager to try art projects, and I love being in the center of Elyria.

Laura Ramsey – Instrumental Music Teacher

Subject(s): Band Gr. 4-8, Recorder Gr. 3

SMS is a loving, close group that feels like family. The students are excited to learn, and the parents and staff give me great support.