Michelle Hils, Psy.D. – Psychologist

M-Hils Contact: mhilssms@yahoo.com
Subject(s): Assist in intervention process for students with academic difficulties; provide counseling, monitoring, and support for students with emotional or behavioral difficulties or life issues; consult with parents.

I appreciate the caring, Christian atmosphere and the teachers.

Megan Lamb – Reading Tutor

M-LambContact: mlamb@smselyria.org
Subject(s): Reading Gr. K-8

I like the friendly atmosphere displayed and the excitement portrayed when learning.

Karen Myers – Intervention Specialist and Math Tutor

 Contact: kmyers@smselyria.org
Subject(s): All Gr. K-8

The staff is friendly and helpful; the students are well-behaved and eager to learn.

Sharon Stanziano – Nurse and Extended Day Aide

S-Stanziano Contact: 440-322-2808, ext 249


I love the “family” feeling and atmosphere and the emphasis on helping others and each other.

Rhonda Kloock – Kindergarten Aide

R-Kloock Contact: rkloock@smselyria.org

SMS has a family atmosphere, wonderful students, and great families and staff members.

Kelly Copa – Librarian

kellycopaContact: kcopa@smselyria.org


The students love library time, and I love to make it fun and educational for them.

Joyce Plas – Pre-School Aide and Extended Day Supervisor

J-Plas Contact: jplas@smselyria.org
Subject(s): Preschool Curriculum


SMS is a great extended family.

Dorothea Wishart – Title 1 Tutor

D-Wishart Contact: dortwishart@windstream.net
Subject(s): Supplemental Math and Reading Gr. 1-5

I love the atmosphere of being a family at SMS and the support of teachers and staff. I love helping children learn.

Amy O’Brien – Speech Language Pathologist

Contact: aobrien@smselyria.org
Subject(s): Speech and Language Therapy

The students, families, and staff are very kind. I enjoy working with them! The parents and teachers are very supportive in the goals of my students. I love being part of the St. Mary family!