Grade Level Highlights    



  • Reenactment of the Nativity
  • Bridging Ceremony with Kindergarten
  • Frog Street Press Phonics Program


  •  Knots of Love =Blankets
  •  Continue the Frog Street Phonics Program
  •  ABC Garden
  •  The Mitten Tree Community Service Project

   First Grade   

  • Apple life cycle, apple farms, apple production and apple picking experiences
  • Build a community around a railroad with Thomas the Tank Engine

   Second Grade   

  • First Reconciliation, a Special Retreat Day, and First Communion
  • Faith Journals
  • Create Sacrament Memory Books

   Third Grade   

  • Become Weather Experts
  • Pennies for the Poor
  • Performing plays
  • Recorders

   Fourth Grade   

  • Community Hero Presentation
  • Spring Poetry Recital
  • Daily Rosary in May and October

   Fifth Grade   

  • Camp Christopher Overnight
  • 40 Book Reading Challenge
  • Alternative Seating
  • Various STEM activities

   Sixth Grade   

  •  Receive Personal Bibles

   Seventh Grade   

  • Cell Models and Projects
  • Dissection Labs
  • Mythical Character Projects

   Eighth Grade   

  • Create a Class T-Shirt
  • Write Autobiographies
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Research Process Experts
  • Confirmation