Our Philosophy

St. Mary School strives to integrate religion with the rest of learning and living.

The School recognizes parents as the primary educator and endeavors to support parents in this role. The faculty and staff at St. Mary are committed to maintaining academic excellence while building a strong Christian community founded on the Gospels. The curriculum at St. Mary focuses on developing the human dignity of each individual by fostering the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional, social and cultural development of each student.

St. Mary School endeavors to:

  • Meet each student`s individual needs.
  • Emphasize a Christian commitment which fosters the spiritual growth of each student.
  • Assist students in mastering basic educational skills.
  • Prepare students for their future roles.
  • Enhance self-esteem.
  • Nurture leadership skills.
  • Stress critical thinking skills in light of moral reasoning.
  • Teach self-discipline.
  • Foster a responsibility for peace and justice.
  • Enhance students` abilities to function in an increasingly technological world.
  • Challenge students to develop their potential.

As a Catholic school the most important subject that we teach is our religion.  Students have daily religion classes to learn about our Catholic faith and many opportunities to share their faith. We have grade level masses twice a month and whole school masses once a month.  Every day begins and ends with school-wide prayer, and prayers are also said in the classrooms.  Students participate in special prayer services, such as May Crowning, sacramental preparation, and community service projects. St. Mary School adheres to the state standards, which are implemented within the  Diocese of Cleveland Core Curriculum.

Additional special classes are also offered to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  These include: art, music, library, physical education, computer, and Spanish. We also have a speech therapist, a Title I teacher, a learning disabilities tutor, a school psychologist, and a counseling specialist, who teaches enrichment classes and life skills. While St. Mary follows the diocesan curriculum, there are many unique and memorable activities at each grade level.

These are but a few:


  • experience our great reenactment of the Nativity as our Christmas program
  • participate in an end of year bridging ceremony with kindergarten
  • introduce phonics using Frog Street Press program


  • create Knots of Love blankets for Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
  • continue the Frog Street program in phonics and use it to introduce reading and writing
  • plant seeds that start with every letter of the alphabet and watch the flowers grow in our ABC garden
  • listen to the reading of The Mitten Tree and collect mittens for those in need
  • hold a baby shower for Mary with gifts given to Right for Life

First Grade

  • provide the opportunity to learn about the apple life cycle, apple farms, and the way produce gets from farm to market through the apple picking activity
  • study communities and community helpers to generate a chance for students to build a community around a railroad with Thomas the Tank Engine
  • travel to a one room schoolhouse as an opportunity for students to experience learning as it was done over 100 years ago
  • use technology to develop an understanding of famous people and special holidays such as Johnny Appleseed, Veterans Day, etc.

Second Grade

  • experience the joys of First Reconciliation, a special retreat day, and First Communion
  • write Faith Journals to show importance of God and faith in their lives
  • complete book report on various types of reading material
  • create Memory Books sharing pictures and thoughts from their Baptisms through Reconciliation and First Communion

Third Grade

  • enhance math and map skills by daily weather tracking using the Weather Channel and Dopplar Radar on the Smart Board
  • Pennies for the Poor – voluntarily filling third grade collection jug throughout the year for Hospitality House
  • performing two plays (fairy tales, tall tales or “Arthur’s Thanksgiving”) for other grade levels
  • begin playing the recorder as an introduction to band

Fourth Grade

  • choose good samaritians from the community to honor with an award during our Hero Presentation
  • memorize and recite a poem in front of an audience during Spring Poetry Recital
  • pray the Rosary in October and outside by Mary’s statue in May every day for our families, school, parish, and community

Fifth Grade

  • experience an Environmental Education camping trip to Camp Christopher  in Bath, Ohio, for 3 days and 2 nights
  • create religion posters or do a project explaining the life of a saint
  • make flash cards of elements as a means of learning the Periodic Table

Sixth Grade

  • enhance religious education and prayer lives through the receiving of individual Bibles at a special Bible Prayer Service
  • develop board games, DVD covers or jackdaw boxes as an extension of knowledge after the reading of a novel
  • visit and order lunch at a Spanish restaurant as a practical and fun usage of Spanish
  • create a model of a building that could withstand an earthquake

Seventh Grade

  • participate in a two day brown-eyed/blue-eyed experiment to teach students that discrimination hurts
  • create a 3-D model of an animal or plant cell
  • dissect an earth worm and frog as a means of learning about their anatomies
  • select and research a mythical character and create a PowerPoint for oral presentation

Eighth Grade

  • create an 8th grade only class shirt that incorporates the theme of the year
  • write autobiographies as a means of learning more about themselves and their families
  • research a Holocaust or WWII topic and create a PowerPoint presentation as an extension of the play The Diary of Anne Frank
  • learn the entire research process: note cards, outlines, source citation, and write a 1,200 word paper on a topic that interests the student
  • participate in the initiation rite of Confirmation as mature members of the Church