One of the main goals of the PTU is to raise money for school items and improvements not in the regular school budget. Through various fundraisers, the PTU has been able to raise nearly $30,000 every year. The success of the fundraisers can be credited to the many families who join and support the activities of the PTU.

The PTU would like to THANK St. Mary families and friends for their support.

Annual Fundraisers

PTu Coordinates a variety of fundraisers to support the operation of the school throughout the year.

How were the funds spent?

  • Teacher Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Special Events and Receptions
  • Teacher Luncheons
  • Playground and Lunchroom Aides
  • Requests for funds submitted by the principal for various school needs

Year Round Fundraisers

  • Market Day
  • Campbell`s Labels and Boxtops
  • Uniform Resale Shop

Who do I contact for information?

  • Annual Fundraisers, Executive Vice Presidents
  • Market Day, Market Day Chair
  • Certificates, Parish Office, School Office
  • Target, Campbell`s labels and Box Tops, Corporate Fundraising Chair
  • Resale Shop, School Office