June, 2016


06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Surprise!

On Thursday, May 19 the students and teachers entertained¬†Mrs. Brunkow with a surprise retirement celebration. It took a bit of coaxing to get her over to the …

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Owl Pellets

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Owl Pellets

Do you know what an owl pellet is? The sixth graders can tell you what they are. They were taking them apart in science class. When owls …

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Arts and Science Festival

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Arts and Science Festival

The Arts & Science Festival was Sunday, May 15. It was a spectacular display of talent! In the Arts classes performed a variety of material: American-themed songs, …

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06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Dissection

The seventh grade students led by Mrs. Krese dissected earthworms, and the eighth graders dissected frogs. They learned the different parts of each animal, functions of each …

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06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Rollercoasters

The eighth graders conducted a rollercoaster webquest in computer and science classes. They researched the physics of rollercoasters and had to build a track for a marble …

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Elks Essay Contest

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Elks Essay Contest

Congratulations to Alec Bredel (second place) and Annika Bredel (third place) who won in the Elks district judging of the Americanism essay contest. Their essays will go …

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Junior High Field Trip

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Junior High Field Trip

The seventh and eighth graders went on their annual day trip Thursday, May 5. They enjoyed exploring at the Great Lakes Science Center, touring¬†the Steamship William G. …

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Cinco de Mayo

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Cinco de Mayo

To practice their Spanish the sixth grade class went to El Patron Restaurant for lunch on May 5, Cinco de Mayo. They ordered their food in Spanish …

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Manners and Etiquette

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on Manners and Etiquette

The students were treated to a Manners & Etiquette Program Tuesday, May 3 by Mr. Dick Blake. Mr. Blake explained to the students the 5 basic rules …

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May Crowning

06.09.2016  |  Comments Off on May Crowning

On Monday, May 2 the students participated in the traditional crowning of Mary. The second graders, dressed in their First Communion attire, placed flowers next to Mary. …

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