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Staff Directory

Sharon Urig - Principal

Contact: [email protected]

St. Mary School is a great place to learn and work! The children are courteous, cooperative, and active learners. The staff is welcoming and professional.

Sr. Mary Dorothy – Parish Catechetical Leader

Contact: [email protected]

SMS is a loving, close group that feels like family. The students are excited to learn, and the parents and staff give me great support.

Sandra Babb – Preschool Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Preschool Curriculum

I enjoy being able to talk about God at any time and the family atmosphere here.

Nancy Knuff – Kindergarten Teacher and Assistant Principal

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Kindergarten Curriculum

The atmosphere around the campus is family-like. St. Mary is Christ-centered with a lot of parent support.

Peggy Quinn – First Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): First Grade Curriculum

We offer quality education. Our students are kind and loving, and parents are supportive. The staff members are caring and giving.

Stephanie st. marie – second Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Second Grade Curriculum

The history, strong faith, and people of St. Mary make it a great place to work. I have the pleasure of working with students and families who truly care about the quality of education they receive. St. Mary is family, and I am honored to be a part of it.

LAURA CHAVES – Third Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, English and Writing

St. Mary School is a warm, loving, family-oriented place to teach.


Natalie Kelley – Fourth Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Religion, Math, Social Studies Gr. 4 & 5, English, Reading, Spelling

I absolutely enjoy the Catholic atmosphere and structure that make up the St. Mary community. The parents are involved and supportive, which are keys to the students’ success.



Natalie Popelka – FIFTH Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Religion, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science Gr. 4 & 5, Health Gr. 4 & 5

I appreciate how eager the students are to learn and their willingness to try new things.

Michele Hunt – Sixth Grade teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Religion Gr. 6-8, Social Studies/History Gr. 6-8, Health Gr. 6

The feeling of a family is what I appreciate most about teaching at SMS.



Kerry Faris – SEVENTH Grade Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): English Gr. 6-8, Literature Gr. 6-8, Health Gr. 7

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Sydney J. Harris

Laura krese – Eighth Grade Teacher and Enrichment

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Science Gr. 6-8, Math Gr. 7 & 8, Health Gr. 8, Enrichment Gr. 3-8

Wherever you go, always leave a footprint!



Angie Pluta – Director of Development, Junior High Math Teacher and Technology Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Math Gr. 6-8 and Technology Gr. PS-8

Teaching at SMS feels like being with family.



Jill Breton – Spanish Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Spanish Gr. K-8

I love sharing my enthusiasm for Spanish with the students and watching them grow in their Spanish language abilities.


AnN McDonald – Music Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Music Gr. PS-8, Lunch Choir

The best part of SMS is the support received by fellow faculty members and parents.


Cynthia Bredel – Physical Education Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Physical Education Gr. PS-8

St. Mary School is a wonderful place to teach. I enjoy challenging the students to improve their physical fitness and self-discipline.


Susan Obral– Art Teacher

Contact: [email protected]
Subject(s): Art Gr. PS-8

I love the students, who are so eager to try art projects, and I love being in the center of Elyria.

Laura Ramsey– Instrumental Music Teacher

Contact:  [email protected]
Subject(s): Band Gr. 4-8, Recorder Gr. 3

SMS is a loving, close group that feels like family. The students are excited to learn, and the parents and staff give me great support.


St. Mary's School

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Elyria, OH 44035

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Mission Statement

Saint Mary School follows the examples of our patroness Mary and her Son Jesus Christ by respecting others, fostering spiritual development, striving for academic excellence, and providing service to our community.

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