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I have the pleasure to be a 4-H S.T.E.M. program assistant for the Lorain County office of Ohio State University Extension. I bring hands-on STEM activities to children. Through a stroke of luck, I connected with St. Mary School. Karen Manning, coordinator of the afterschool enrichment programming invited me to bring activities to your students at four different occasions during this 2016-17 school year. It was truly a pleasure to bring activities to a place that exudes such a strong passion for children’s educational wellbeing. Sometime I feel that the school is just “ticking off a box” by having my programming. That was never the feeling I got from St. Mary’s School.

The environment at your school is what I would consider an ideal place to learn. The building is secure, the rooms and hallways are clean, spacious, colorful, and welcoming, and everyone I encountered was helpful and courteous. I know that may sound like a normal occurrence, but unfortunately, it is not my typical experience. All four of the teachers whose spaces I used clearly had a strong positive relationship with their students and they always asked how they could help me. At the end of a teacher’s day a new face, bringing a bag of supplies and a group of kids, is not always a welcome sight. At St. Mary’s there was always a positive, friendly vibe.

Students at St.Mary’s are very lucky kids. I believe they know it. The students with whom I interacted were interested in learning. They treated me with respect and courtesy. I believe it is because this school is a beautiful, nurturing, and safe haven. The kids who have the good fortune to be educated here will definitely benefit from the kindness, creativity, and welcoming atmosphere this school has to offer. St. Mary’s School is a genuine treasure for our community.

Many thanks for letting me bring programming to your amazing school!

Sally Hennessy

Program Assistant, 4-H Stem

I like attending St. Mary School in Elyria. The teachers, fellow students, and great staff make it a fun and unique place to be. I really feel the education at St. Mary’s is the best around. All of the teachers I’ve had do their best to prepare the students for what lies ahead. We have small classes, so students form close relationships with the teachers.

St. Mary is also a great place to make friends. We spend a lot of time at and after school. Being a Catholic school, we have many activities with the church that bring our families closer. I hope the friends I’ve made will be my friends forever.

Our school has many things that help bring people together. We have students from preschool all the way to eighth grade. All of us will get together for pep rallies to show school spirit. There are sports for students when they get older. We have music and choir for people who want to learn these arts. Certain times of the year we have concerts.

Father Charlie knows a lot about God and Jesus and loves to share what he knows with others. I wish everyone had the chance to go to a school like St. Mary’s.


7th Grade Student

I am a 7th grader at St. Mary School in Elyria. It is a nice school. I love it here at St. Mary because everyone here is so nice to me and everyone else.

Learning the curriculum is fun and easy. The technology that we have here at St. Mary’s includes Smartboards in every classroom, Apple computers and Apple iPads. We sometimes play games on the Smartboard to help us learn faster. The teachers describe every bit of what we need to know for lessons or worksheets. If I were not present when a teacher was describing something, she would be more than happy to help.

The teachers are super nice, and they care about me and my grades. A couple of months ago I was having a hard time staying organized. I would always lose my homework. My grades dropped quickly. My teacher told me that I was capable of getting straight A’s. She told me to get a binder with rings and pockets so that I could put my notebooks and supplies inside it. A couple days after I got the binder, my teacher and I saw an improvement in my grades. I never knew how much organization could affect my grades.

If parents aren’t happy with their children’s school, they should visit St. Mary’s or give us a call at (440)-322-2808.


7th Grade Student

I really love the school and the sense of community that comes with it. I am very appreciative to St. Mary’s in this learning milestone and will continue to refer people to you!

Shanna Rose

St. Mary School has been a great school for my son!

Jessica Reynolds

We have had a very good experience at St. Mary School.



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