May, 2017


05.31.2017  |  Comments Off on Dissection

During science class, the 7th graders dissected earthworms and the 8th graders dissected frogs. They learned about the different parts of each animal, functions of each part, …

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Arts & Science Festival

05.31.2017  |  Comments Off on Arts & Science Festival

All of the students did an amazing job during the Arts & Science Festival! There were many creative and innovative projects displayed along with the music presented. …

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Float Decorating

05.31.2017  |  Comments Off on Float Decorating

After school on Friday students and parents decorated the float for the Memorial Day Parade. Parade was held on Monday, May 29, at 9:00. Thanks to all who participated.

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STREAM Preparation

05.31.2017  |  Comments Off on STREAM Preparation

On STREAM Family Fun Friday afternoon the students got together in their STREAM families. They designed flags which displayed their group names. These flags will be used on the all …

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Spanish Class Fieldtrip

05.24.2017  |  Comments Off on Spanish Class Fieldtrip

On Tuesday the sixth graders went to a Mexican restaurant to practice their Spanish. While ordering their food they had to use their Spanish speaking skills. The …

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Watercolor & Sharpie Class

05.24.2017  |  Comments Off on Watercolor & Sharpie Class

Mrs. Manning explained the techniques needed to trace drawings during the Watercolor Class. This class was offered as part of the Afterschool Educational Enhancement Program.  

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Lorain County Art Show

05.24.2017  |  Comments Off on Lorain County Art Show

St. Mary entered eight artists into the Lorain County Art Show. Their work is on display at the Elyria Public Library West Branch. Go take a look at …

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Spotlighting Grade 2

05.24.2017  |  Comments Off on Spotlighting Grade 2

What we are learning: Religion – Eucharist, our own special gifts, saints, Our Father Reading – story webs, picking out details from stories English – adjectives Math …

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May Crowning

05.24.2017  |  Comments Off on May Crowning

After Mass Friday, we celebrated May as the month of Mary by crowning her with flowers. The second graders, dressed in their First Communion attire, placed flowers …

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Arts & Science Festival/Open House

05.10.2017  |  Comments Off on Arts & Science Festival/Open House

On Sunday, May 21 from 12 noon until 3 pm is our annual Arts & Science Festival. During this time the students will be performing musically while …

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