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Dear Students of St. Mary School,
All of the teachers and staff have prayed for you over the summer at our own homes.  But last Wednesday we all came together for almost an hour to pray for you, and listen to God speak to our hearts so we can do our best to help you this year.  . . .
All of us chose to be here and love and value all of you, so we would like to share the most important things you can do when you are at school that will make you the best student and help our Saint Mary’s family grow. When we prayed about it we came up with one hundred and five things.  We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10.
  1. Pray and be a giving person. Be kind to people, plants, animals, and things. Treat teachers, faculty ,and staff as human beings
  2. Be respectful toward God, our faith, yourself and others.
  3. Come to school every day with the intention to learn.
  4. Try new things by making an attempt and showing effort. Have fun while learning and take pride in your work.
  5. Be prepared by having what you need to learn. Get a good night sleep, bring the proper supplies, and have homework completed.
  6. Be thankful and appreciative for the beautiful life and education God gives us each day. Get to know who you are and share the gifts that God gave you.
  7. Have a voice, but also know when to listen.
  8. Help come up with a solution if someone is having a problem.
  9. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Know that people care and want to help you learn. Believe in yourself and always do your best. Challenge yourself.
  10.  Smile and say hello.
We love you, we believe in, we pray for you!
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Saint Mary School follows the examples of our patroness Mary and her Son Jesus Christ by respecting others, fostering spiritual development, striving for academic excellence, and providing service to our community.

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